The Paramount HVAC Institute (PHI) is a 24 month program to help you gain and improve your business skills to run your HVAC Company more successfully.  It is a combination of bi-weekly, 1 hour webinars and bi-weekly, 1 hour coaching sessions to help you implement the webinar strategies, tools, and techniques.  The goal of the institute is to help you graduate from the Technician/Manager to the CEO/Owner and develop your skills to run a ‘best in class’ company.




The Paramount HVAC Institute (PHI) is run by top business coaches and uses proven techniques to improve your company’s success.  The bi-weekly webinar/coaching method that PHI uses is a proven methodology that has been used in other industries and is now available to the HVAC/Fuels industry.  PHI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paramount Business Development, Inc. (PBD).  PBD has been coaching leaders to greater success since 2005.



  • LACK OF REAL PROFITS: Most owners barely break even, or make a standard wage. We help you understand your numbers and how to control your costs to be massively profitable.
  • BECOMING THE #1 CHOICE IN YOUR MARKET: We teach you how to become the company of choice in your market, through smart marketing strategies and helping you find your uniqueness.  We also help you understand how to become the company of choice for your potential customers,… and your employees!
  • GROWING FROM THE EX-TECHNICIAN TO THE CEO/PRESIDENT: There is a big mindset change from being the top Technician in the company to being the top CEO/President of a company.  The skill set is different.  While many of the basic skills do transfer, there is a different set of knowledge you will need to acquire.  We will help you gain the knowledge and skills, and we will be there with you, every step of the way.
  • TURNING PROSPECTS INTO LASTING PROFITS: Many companies are swamped with one-time, low margin customers.  It is a fight for survival.  And oftentimes, a race to the bottom!  We help you turn this situation into loyal, top paying customers.  We show you how.  Great companies are built on great customers that pay fair margins, and come back again and again.
  • HOW TO BUILD A GREAT COMPANY: Look around.  There are great companies in your market.  It can be done.  They do it!  We can show you how to do it too!  We will teach you the 7 Phases of Building a Highly Effective Company.  Just like fixing an HVAC system is a logical step by step process, so is building a company.
  • HOW TO BE THE COMPANY THAT THE GOOD TECHS WANT TO WORK FOR: We both know that the best techs get things done quicker, have less call backs, and create the highest customer service.  How valuable would it be to you if you had a group of the best techs working for you?  Building a winning team is a step by step process.  There are 7 Keys to Building a Winning Team.  At PHI, you will learn these keys.  You can build the company that everyone wants to work for.
  • BUILDING A GREAT COMPANY TO SUPPORT YOUR DESIRED LIFESTYLE: PHI assumes that you got into business to have a better lifestyle.  Do you?  Most business owners unfortunately become the hardest working employees; they work the most hours, receive the least pay, least time off, etc, etc…  we can show you a better way.  We will help you with a successful business owners’ mindset and the best tool bag in the industry to build a great company.  A great company with strong profits will help you live the lifestyle you originally wanted when you started this…


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  • PHI is a learning institute where you can acquire all of the necessary skills to run a great company. It is like a “street wise” MBA program without all of the fluff.
  • 24 months of bi-weekly, 1 hour webinars
  • 24 months of bi-weekly, 1 hour private coaching meetings with top executive business coaches to help you implement what you have learned from the webinars. Direct, no-nonsense coaching from the best.
  • Downloadable tools to go along with the webinars and coaching meetings




Call Paramount HVAC Institute today at 570-517-7100 to sign up for the next start date of the webinar series!